• A House That Finally Feels Like Home

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    To me, the perfect home is about more than just the house itself. It has to do first with the neighborhood that it is in, and then the more immediate area where the neighbors who you will be interacting with are located. It has to do with the actual yard since living life isn’t just done inside a house. And finally, yes, it does have to do with the house itself. I already knew what neighborhood I wanted to live in, so I went to the website of a realtor who was highly recommended to see if he had any listings in that area.

    I was disheartened when I did not come across any on his website, but I still left my information along with the area that I was interested in. His response back to me was quick, which I truly appreciated. He told me that he has sold many houses in that neighborhood, though most are sold before they even become listed. That is understandable, because the neighborhood is really that nice. He took some information from me and assured me that he would stay in touch when something came up.

    He was true to his word, and I was able to look at several houses in the following month. If the house was right, I didn’t care for the yard, If the yard was nice, it was too close to a very noisy family with outdoor dogs. It was not until I looked at a house he told me about nearly six weeks later that everything fell into place with it. I knew that this was the one, and I immediately placed an offer on it. Everything moved pretty fast from that point, and I have been here for nearly two years now. This is the first place that has ever felt like it was home!

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